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Christ Centered Easter Advent | 11 Days of Scriptures & Christ Images | Pastel Farmhouse Bunny

Christ Centered Easter Advent | 11 Days of Scriptures & Christ Images | Pastel Farmhouse Bunny

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Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Easter and focus on Christ? Our Christ Centered Easter Advent Calendar is the perfect addition to your Easter décor.  The 11 cards, included in this digital download, will help you and your family focus on Christ during the Easter season.

This beautiful decorative set includes 11 printed cards, each featuring an image of Christ and a coordinating scripture. Starting 10 days before Easter, read a scripture passage each day to create cherished Easter memories centered around the true meaning of the holiday.

There are 11 scripture passages that cover the main events during the last part of Christ's life and after His resurrection. Day 11 includes a scripture reference from The Book of Mormon. If you are not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and would prefer to not include this in your advent, you can remove the card for Day 11 and end on Day 10. All of the other days reference scripture passages from the Bible. 



  • 11 Printed Cards: Each card measures approximately 3" x 4".
  • Christ Images & Bible Scriptures: All 11 cards feature an image of Christ. 10 include a Bible passage and 1 includes a Book of Mormon passage (this one can be skipped, if you prefer to not use it) to inspire daily scripture study.
  • Versatile Display Options:
    • Pin the cards to a string of twine for a stunning garland on your wall or fireplace mantel.
    • Use magnets to display the cards on a magnetic board or your refrigerator.

This advent calendar not only enhances your Easter décor but also serves as a daily reminder of the season's spiritual significance. Bring your family together each day to reflect on Christ's life and atonement, making this Easter truly special.


Perfect for:

  • Families looking to incorporate Christ into their holiday traditions.
  • Gifts for friends and loved ones who appreciate Christian-themed decorations.
  • Enhancing your home with meaningful, Christ Centered décor.

Celebrate the true meaning of Easter with our Christ Centered Advent Calendar and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Order yours today and keep Christ at the heart of your Easter season.


Note: The images of Christ used on the cards were created by Amanda Lindsey. © ChristWasLove, LLC. Any unauthorized use of these images is prohibited, including mass production and editing.  The cards are for personal use only.  

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